Unnecessary or redundant opulence is stripped off to gain a simple, practical and refined taste.

The products have been designed meticulously for excellent practicality.

The beauty and functionality give birth to the graceful, refined and sophisticated products.


『MASAMI TANAKA』の革製品は量産体制に頼らずデザイナー本人による手創りを軸とした品質重視の少量生産をおこなっております。そのため、厳選した素材をはじめとするデザイン構成やパターン構成、革の裁断/縫製/仕上げに至るすべての工程を自らで行い、一切妥協することのない“本物”だけを追求した、最高品質の作品をお客様へお届けする事を作り手としての責任と考えております。

 Emphasizing brand quality while obtaining good productivity in small production, designer “MASAMI TANAKA” does not rely on mass production. His products are all handmade.

 The materials are carefully selected, and from structural design patterns to leather cutting, sewing and stitching, he creates everything up until the finishing touches.


 Without any compromise, he is determined to pursue the highest quality and top of the line products for his customers. 

 Before anything is sold, he uses the products experimentally and searches for any minor flaws so that it can be improved.

 By revising over and over the product is finally completed. 

シンプルなデザイン性と緻密に計算された機能美を追求した『洗練』に相応しい作品だけをあなたの元へとお届け致します。決して言葉だけでは語り尽くすことのできないMADE IN JAPANの魅力を、あなた自身の手で確かめていただきたい。

 He dedicates ample time to finalize the products to secure long lasting quality. 

 Unnecessary or redundant opulence is stripped off to gain a simple, practical and refined taste.

 Please feel the products yourself to fully understand the

"Made in Japan" quality.



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